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During Your Rental FAQ's

In the event of an accident, you must take the name(s), address’, vehicle registration and contact details of all third party(s) and witnesses immediately and complete and accident report form which can be found in the glovebox or can be downloaded here – within 24 hours of the incident, together with a sketch of the occurance. Take as many pictures as you can.

Contractually, you are not permitted to admit liability and if you do so, it ultra vires to the contract of hire. Any such admission expressly & specifically excludes the Owners detailed in the contract of hire.

Ensure that all PCNs are paid promptly. If we receive your PCN there is an admin fee of £49.95 per PCN to administer and transfer liability from the Owner to the Hirer in accordance with your contract of hire.

We may be able to extend your rental subject to vehicle availability. Please give us a call on 0207 722 1585 if you wish to extend your rental.

In the event of a breakdown, call the RAC on 0800 616 300 and quote the registration number of the vehicle and membership name: ULS. Use of the service is strictly in accordance with the contract of hire.

You may return the vehicle early but you will not receive a refund for any unused time as the van has been marked as unavailable for rent and will unlikely be re-rented on short notice.