Citirental | 10 ways to reduce fuel consumption

    1. Observe speed limits. Not only is it the law but keeping well within the limits will immediately have a significant positive effect on fuel consumption.
    2. Avoid hard acceleration – you will immediately notice better fuel consumption reflecting in an immediate cash saving. Anticipate traffic conditions ahead
    3. Plan your journey. Travel at night or early in the morning. This way you will avoid traffic, get there quicker, and use less fuel. Simple.
    4. Don’t leave the vehicle idling unnecessarily
    5. Use the weight of the vehicle and terrain to your advantage. While maintaining absolute control, coast down hills and gradients and take inclines steadily avoiding hard acceleration.


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  1. CitiRental choose cars you like to drive and offer good fuel consumption. The key to good fuel consumption is driving style. Here are some pointers.
  2. Underinflated tyres have a higher rolling resistance. This means with every mile travelled, your tyres generate more friction and rolling resistance leading to an increase in fuel consumption. If all your tires are underinflated by 10 psi, this could reduce fuel efficiency by up to 10%.
  3. Reduce the weight of the car by reducing items carried. That’s why modern cars often provide a tyre pump kit instead of a heavy spare wheel. Every extra 50kg your car carries increases fuel consumption by 2%.
  4. Avoid hard braking. Anticipate traffic conditions ahead and drive smoothly. Fuel consumption will improve.
  5. Download and use Waze even for the shortest journey. It will guide you to the most fuel-efficient route and anticipate fuel gobbling traffic congestion.

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