Electric Vehicles (EV)

electric car

In 2019 an electric vehicle (EV) is a viable choice for those in the car market. What’s more, the government has been told that it needs to be far more ambitious with electric cars, suggesting that three-fifths of cars sold bt 2019 should be electric. This means we’re going to see more and more EVs on our roads in the coming decade.

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In fact, as part of the government’s Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark pledged to increase the National Productivity Investment Fund to £31 billion while planning to support the rise of electric vehicles by investing £400 million in charging infrastructure. It has additionally offered an extra £100 million to extend the plug-in car grant.

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Furthermore, the new Nissan Leaf recently launched, while BMW recently unveiled its sportier i3 model to make electric cars appeal to more people. BMW also announced last year it will be making an all-electric Mini in its Cowley plany, while Volkswagen unveiled plans for an electric campervan, officially known as a Microbus, to be released in 2022. Oh and even James Dyson has announced plans to launch his own EV by 2020.

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