Coronavirus: Are you correctly disinfecting your vehicle?

With the current health crisis, we share our tips on how to keep your vehicle sanitized & virus free.

Whether you drive for a living or just occasionally use your vehicle, you may be wondering about the best methods to keep COVID-19 out and how to sanitize and disinfect your vehicle. Perhaps you’re an Uber driver wondering how to protect yourself and your passengers from the virus.

Take CitiRental as an example, we have a fleet of over 100 rental cars and vans and we want to ensure that our vehicles are clean and COVID-19 free. We use a variety of disinfectants and sanitary tools when we clean our vehicles. That makes for a lot of vehicles, driven by a lot of people, and keeping them virus-free is a difficult task. With the wide variety of materials used to create a vehicle, there is no one shoe fits all solution.

For example, cloth or leather seats, plastic or steel bumpers and even plastic or wood interior panels – the list goes on…

Keeping your vehicle virus-free can be quite simple if you follow a few basic guidelines – we’ve reached out to our valet manager who gave us some of the following pointers.

What should I do?

Don’t just grab the first disinfectant or wipes you see, if you have leather seats for example – the alcohol in these products can dry out the leather causing damage and cracks. Instead, look for car cleaning specific products that are labelled as “Safe for leather”. If the product you are using to clean leather dries out your hands, then it will also dry out the weather.

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