Reward Bonus Details

    Your reward | you will receive £35.00 credit towards the cost of your next rental with CitiRental.


    Your friend | will receive £35.00 towards the cost of his/her next rental.


    Refer as many friends as you wish. You will receive £35.00 credit towards each rental and so will your friend(s)


    The small print


    [1] No balances carried forward if the bonus rental is less than reward. This is applicable to you and your friend.


    [2] Reward applies to rental fees only – not additional extras etc such as Waivers | out of hours services | fuel | additional drivers etc.


    [3] Reward withdrawn if there is a damage claim during your or your friend’s rental (but not on both rentals)


    [4] Refer -A- friend applies to pre-booked rentals only – not walk-ins.


    [5] Refer -A-Friend Rewards are not automatic. Both you and your friend must meet with and comply with the terms and conditions of hire.


    [6] These terms & conditions can change without notice. Current updates will be forwarded at the time of reservation