10 Driving offences you did not know are illegal

CitiRental | 10 Driving offences you didn’t know are illegal Sleeping while inebriated in your car | If you’ve had too much to drink, you quite rightly won’t consider driving. But if you’ve got nowhere else to stay, you might consider sleeping in the car instead, at least until you’ve sobered up. However, in doing […]

Speed Cameras

CitiRental | Speed Cameras There are many different types of speed camera in the UK, a few key types are most common.  Fixed speed cameras The Gatso was the first speed camera to be installed in the UK and has become the most used camera on UK roads. Back in 1992 they were painted grey, […]

10 ways to reduce fuel consumption

Citirental | 10 ways to reduce fuel consumption Observe speed limits. Not only is it the law but keeping well within the limits will immediately have a significant positive effect on fuel consumption. Avoid hard acceleration – you will immediately notice better fuel consumption reflecting in an immediate cash saving. Anticipate traffic conditions ahead Plan […]

Mobile Phones

CitiRental | Mobile phones | law change | 25 March 2022 How is the law changing? The latest update to the law criminalises the handheld use of mobile phones for nearly any purpose while driving. Previously, it must have been proven that the driver was using the device for ‘interactive communication’, such as making a […]

CitiRental 10 ways to save fuel & money

CitiRental 10 ways to save fuel and money CitiRental | 10 ways to save fuel & save money [1] Rent CitiRental. All cars chosen for fuel economy. [2] If you are renting more than say 7 days check tyre pressures. Low pressure will chew up fuel consumption. [3] Carefully follow speed limits. Although they are […]

Citirental Blog Seatbelts

Citirental Blog Seatbelts Citirental Blog Seatbelts A passenger in a car puts a huge amount of trust in the driver to keep them safe, but that doesn’t mean their safety is entirely out of their hands. Exactly who’s responsible for passenger safety depends on their age, so read on to find out how to make […]

Frozen Windscreen

Citirental Blog Frozen Windscreen Frozen Windscreen How to deal with a frozen windscreen in two easy moves. No scraping or squirting liquids onto thescreen necessary. Read a newspaper (or yourfavourite book) switch on the engine and blower, relax and the screen and interior will be as snug as bug in a rug before you know […]

Frozen Mirrors

Citirental Blog post Frozen Mirrors Frozen Wing Mirrors | how to deal with this common problem. No problem. All you need to do wrap your mirrors in a plastic bag, secure them with an elastic band and hey presto! The problem ceases to exist. Do this every evening. In the morning your mirrors will be […]