What to do if you experience problems with your rented car


What to do if you experience problems with your rented car

Many people appreciate car rental because it offers a sense of relief that accompanies driving a car that is in good condition. Unfortunately, breakdowns are a part of life and even a seemingly well-repaired rental car can break down unexpectedly. In this article, I am going to give you detailed advice about what you should do if you rent a car and it happens to give you some problems.

Plan ahead

It goes without saying that before investing in any car hire, you should plan ahead in case of emergencies yet unfortunately, many people choose to wait until they are in trouble. Before you even consider the option of car rental, I would advise you to read through your insurance policies and any other necessary paperwork to determine if you are covered should your rental car break down while you are driving it. In the event that you are part of a car repair association, you should inquire about what services they offer if you are driving a rented car. Never assume that you are covered or that services that are offered for personal cars apply to rented cars too.

Ask your car hire company the right questions

One mistake that many readers make is to drive away with their rented car without asking important questions first. In some cases, the excitement of driving a fairly new car overrides responsibility. When it comes to booking the car, it is tantamount to ask if they offer insurance in the event that the car encounters some problems or is involved in an accident. If not, you will need to organize personal insurance. It’s also important to ask about road conditions if you will be driving in an area you are not familiar with. Many times, swapping your chosen car for a bigger, sturdier one might be all you need to do to avoid any problems.

car-hire-roadside-assistance-londonContact the car hire company in the case of problems

If your car is being problematic or, if it breaks down completely, the first and most important step is to inform the car rental company. Doing so will ensure that they won’t blame you for the breakdown and they might also be able to offer immediate assistance if you cannot get in touch with a professional roadside assistance company. However, if you believe that the problem is minor and are not willing to pay extra charges for assistance, you can organize your own personal repair but, be careful who you allow fixing the problem because you might end up with an even bigger, costlier problem than before.

As long as you plan ahead before renting your car and as long as you take the time to find out what services are available in the event of a breakdown, you should be able to handle any problems that you encounter. Once again, I would caution readers against trying to fix the car by themselves because it could lead to further damages that will cost you more money to pay for.

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