CitiRental 10 ways to save fuel and money

CitiRental | 10 ways to save fuel & save money

[1] Rent CitiRental. All cars chosen for fuel economy.

[2] If you are renting more than say 7 days check tyre pressures. Low pressure will chew up fuel consumption.

[3] Carefully follow speed limits. Although they are established for road safety – observing them will reduce fuel consumption.

[4] Concentrate on taking your foot “off the gas” as much as you can.

[5] Avoid hard acceleration. Observe the road and anticipate traffic ahead.

[6] It’s against the law don’t leave your car idling and unattended. Don’t leave it idling in any event.

[7] Waze even for short journeys, will offer you the shortest and most fuel-efficient route.

[8] Carefully observe road topography. Coast down hills and inclines.

[9] On long journeys travel at night or early morning when traffic is lighter.

[10] Make your own assessments on your driving skills. Start saving cash.