Driving Hints | Reminder #1

This really works. You come out in the morning, and your mirrors are all frozen. It’s difficult and time-consuming to clear them and to make the car safe to drive. Try this. Simply tie a plastic bag over each mirror. They won’t freeze up overnight and, in the morning, simply whip the bags off and HEY PRESTO. No frost. They will be as clear as …. Glass.

It does not matter if the car you are driving is a rental, lease or a friend’s car – this works on any car, big or small. 

Best of all, it costs nothing. You don’t have to purchase special covers (although they are  available, but a plastic bag does the same job) for FREE. The price is right.

Also, another reason for using a plastic bag is that a purchased made-to-measure(purpose) cover will be pinched in no time (unless you have a gated car park), so whatever way you look at it. Stick to the plastic, which incidentally is a type of recycling as you can use the bag time and time again, month in and month out.

Another hot tip | iced-up windscreens | This is what to. In the morning, start your journey 10 minutes or so earlier. Don’t bother squirting all sorts of concoctions and sprays onto your glass, or worse, don’t pour hot water onto your windscreen – that will crack the glass. Simply turn on the engine and turn on the blower (demister) and air con if you have it and wait. Catch up with the news and your emails (time will go that much faster when you are distracted, and you are not wasting time. Now here’s a bit of a conflict with the law. On the one hand, you should not leave your car idling unnecessarily, and on the other hand, you should not drive with impaired vision (frozen windscreen), but the important word here is unnecessary. It is necessary to ensure your vision is clear. Of course, you could argue that leaving your car running for a few minutes is a pollutant, but everything is a trade-off. Safety against saving the environment and, to be fair, leaving your car running pollutes less than sitting in traffic. We won’t go into semantics, but the message is clear. There is another legal conflict. It may be argued that you cannot use the phone while the car engine is switched on. So, to avoid an argument with the boys in blue – don’t use a phone – read a book and ……Drive safely.

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