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Frozen Windscreen

Two images top one is a windshield frosted over with just a small section scraped clean, the below image is of a man sitting in the drivers seat of a car reading a newspaper waiting for the windows of his car to defrost

How to deal with a frozen windscreen in two easy moves. No scraping or squirting liquids onto thescreen necessary. Read a newspaper (or yourfavourite book) switch on the engine and blower, relax and the screen and interior will be as snug as bug in a rug before you know it. The car will be safe to drive.

But, always a but. There is a conflict in the law. Idling (leaving your vehicle engine running while stationary) is usually unnecessary. It is also an offence under the Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988

Unnecessary is the key word “Making your car safe to drive is necessarBut, the law states: “All glass or other transparent material fitted to a motor vehicle shall be maintained in such condition that it does not obscure the vision of the driver while the vehicle isbeing driven on a road.”

The biggest risk comes from motorists failing to clear their entire windscreen – as well as any ice or mist on their door windows, back window and mirrors.

but, Highway Code rule 229 states ALL your windows need clearing, the mirrors are clear, and the windows are demisted thoroughly. Just clearing a patch in front to clear a gap won’t cut it.

Everything is a trade off in this case. When clearing your screen do it efficiently and sparingly – that way you’ll be ticking all the boxes.

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