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renault captur 2020

2020 Renault Captur

Is the Renault Captur the best car? It certainly is the best balance between size and performance which other brands attempt to emulate. CitiRental are a LoCost car rental company based in Hampstead offering cheap car hire specializing in the new Renault Captur.

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Renault zoe 2020

2020 Renault Zoe

The updated Zoe has had a complete overhaul, though, and the results are impressive. One feature you’ll find on higher trims is a selectrion of recycled fabrics adorning the dashboard and door panels. It’s a classy touch that really raises perceived quality towards that of more premium rivals.

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electric car

Electric Vehicles (EV)

In 2019 an electric vehicle (EV) is a viable choice for those in the car market. What’s more, the government has been told that it needs to be far more ambitious with electric cars, suggesting that three-fifths of cars sold bt 2019 should be electric. This means we’re going to see more and more EVs on our roads in the coming decade.

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