CitiRental | Mobile phones | law change | 25 March 2022

How is the law changing? The latest update to the law criminalises the handheld use of mobile phones for nearly any purpose while driving. Previously, it must have been proven that the driver was using the device for ‘interactive communication’, such as making a phone call or sending a text message. There are some exemptions, including using a phone in a genuine emergency (such as calling 112 or 999 at the scene of an accident). Drivers will also be able to use their phone for contactless payments, provided their car is stationary and they’re receiving goods immediately, for instance at a drive-through restaurant or when paying for parking. The use of a mobile phone as a sat nav is still allowed, provided the phone is in a dock or cradle, and doesn’t block the view of the road ahead. Read more in our guide on how to use your sat nav legally and safely.

Credit | Which?
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