Crash For Cash Fraudsters Jailed For 5 Years


Crash For Cash Fraudsters Jailed For 5 Years

The director of a fraudulent insurance ‘crash-for-cash’ scheme was recently jailed for 5 years following a Metropolitan Police investigation.

So, how did the scam work? Firstly, a decoy vehicle was required to brake suddenly in traffic. Then, a second vehicle also employed by the fraudulent firm would then stop suddenly, causing the vehicle behind to crash into the second. The passengers in the second vehicle would then submit personal injury claims to insurance companies. It is estimated that the firm caused around 300 accidents.

Judge, HH J Barrie, said: “The idea that crash-for-cash frauds are victimless crimes has to be rebuffed immediately. The impact of this offending on the insurance industry is substantial and this, in turn, leads to routine increases in insurance premiums for the wider public.”

“The manner of the driving in the collisions is inherently dangerous involving the sudden slamming on of brakes in traffic – often at night and often in poor weather conditions. Unlike the fraudsters, the innocent occupants of the cars behind have no opportunity to prepare or brace themselves for the impact”.

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Ivan IvanovPosted on10:17 am - Feb 5, 2017

So how can you avoid being a victim?

    Henry ZimmermannPosted on11:19 am - Mar 1, 2017

    As far as I know fraudsters often disable their brake lights to make it easier to cause an accident. If the driver notice this, he/she should be more careful driving behind such a vehicle.

Nevi MilevaPosted on11:20 am - Mar 6, 2017

The more dangerous are the fraud pedestrians who throw themselves under a slow moving vehicle to cause an accident and make the driver hurt their arm or leg with the vehicle. Then, they make a claim against the driver.

Milton GerrardPosted on7:22 pm - Apr 23, 2017

Anyone know what are the annual expenses born by the insurance companies in total, caused by the frauds?

John SitterPosted on8:24 pm - Jul 11, 2017

Of course, it’s a fair sentence! These crooks have been robbing us all.

    Henry ZimmermannPosted on8:28 pm - Jul 12, 2017

    That’s not all…
    The profits from the frauds are smtm used by these fraudsters to fund other crimes such as drug dealing, illegal firearms, people trafficking, etc.

Hazem Sameh SaadPosted on2:44 am - Jul 14, 2017

The concept of crash for cash seems to be a hard but sound one to be implemented in some countries. If users of cars can know the tips and tricks, they will be able to avoid falling in this problem in the future, therefore, it would be easy for them to reconsider the safety precautions.

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