Tips for packing luggage in your rental car


Tips for packing luggage in your rental car

If you’ve decided to opt for car rental then you could use these tips

As we are deep into the winter time, now would be a perfect moment to consider what you will do once the blizzards fade. Summer is not too far away and chances are, you are one of the thousands planning their vacation. There’s a lot that you will have to plan out, from the destination to costs of accommodation, food, transport and so much more. One way to save money is to drive to your destination. It’s much cheaper to rent a car for a few days or weeks than to fly and then rent a car to get around. In many cases, extended car hire offers discounted prices than renting for a day or two. So, if you’ve decided to opt for car rental then you could use these tips to pack your luggage efficiently:

Make smart decisions

If you are traveling alone then renting a small car is ideal but if you have a family or a lot of luggage, you might want to consider getting something bigger. I’ve already stated in previous articles that many car hire companies charge extra if you have multiple drivers. Some also charge for luggage that could damage the car or even for traveling with pets and so forth. Before rushing to rent a car, decide the number of passengers, how much luggage you will have and any other information that could influence your choice or costs.

The size and type of your luggage matters

This applies to suitcases in particular. When you are flying or using any other means of public transport, carrying a hard, sturdy suitcase is important because it will ensure that your belongings are kept safe. However, when you are traveling by car, you want to take softer suitcases as they are lightweight and easy to pack into your boot. It also means you can carry more luggage and when you arrive at your destination, carrying the suitcases won’t be a hassle.

tips-for-packing-luggage-in-your-rental carPack wisely and carefully

The choices you make when you’re packing your boot are crucial in determining just how much you can fit into your car. If you don’t pack wisely, you won’t be able to fit your luggage efficiently. A handy tip is to pack all of the big suitcases and luggage first before placing smaller stuff on top. You can also fit smaller items in between your bigger suitcases. One of the most important things to remember is to pack all of your important pieces inside the car and not the boot. These include passports, snacks, car documents, car rental brochures with contact details in case of any problems and so forth. This is especially useful if you are traveling in a foreign country where you will likely get stopped multiple times.

Once you have packed your luggage properly, you can go ahead and enjoy your vacation. I will end by reminding you that if you are hiring a car, you always have to take extra care of the car to avoid being charged for bumps, scratches and any other damage that could be caused to the vehicle.

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