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Did you know? CitiRental also hires vans by the

day, week or longer. Essentially, we hire three sizes

– small, medium, and large – which will be sufficient

for most of your normal requirements. If you require

a bigger vehicle for (say) a house move, then we

recommend another firm – CVS Van hire – who hires

large vehicles like 3 tonners and Lutons. The

CitiRental van fleet is regularly maintained and

valeted between each hire. Go to the CitiRental

website and check out our competitive prices. Below

are examples of the vans we have to offer you.

So, the next time something comes up like taking stuff to a relative or moving house or flat, don’t rely on someone else to do it. Do it yourself. Think CitiRental and save money. These days that’s the operative message.

Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, and West Hampstead are teeming with flats and apartments. People need to move from one to another for a variety of reasons, the lease is up, or the Landlord has an issue. Whatever the reason you need to move – right? Of course, the first impulse is to call a moving company or “Man-with-a-Van” well you know what that costs? Megabucks right?

CitiRental, based in the heart of Hampstead, is available to you whenever you need us. Or put another way – here waiting for your call whenever you need a reliable, local, and friendly rental company. You can pick up a van any day of the week, including Sundays (by special arrangement) and, in fact, drop it back any time you wish (also by special arrangement) so you can avoid the possibility of getting a Penalty Charge Notice. And you know how easy that can be (especially in West Hampstead) where there is no derestricted parking whatsoever

Penalty Charge Notices is a topic which CitiRental can write about until the cows come home – and will be the subject of a separate Blog. The point, in this context, is that you don’t like other hire firms to oblige you to keep the van parked up and at the risk of getting a penalty charge notice (which, incidentally, could work out more expensive than hiring the van in the first place). The point is, that CitiRental, unlike other firms in the area, doesn’t oblige you to keep the vehicle, unnecessarily, until that firm opens. CitiRental allows you to return the vehicle (whether it be a car or van) in the middle of the night – if it suits you. We don’t believe any other rental firm in the area provides this valuable service. Let’s face it most streets in the area are narrow and without non-street parking.

To summarise, CitiRental offer a van rental (or hire) service which is convenient to thousands of people who live in the area. We are here when you need a good reliable service with a range of vans to suit most of your needs and requirement. Give CitiRental a call on 0207 722 6666 or use our website to make a booking. If you are not sure, you can enquire online or by email at Incidentally, if you are not sure as to the size of van you require, go to our website, click on the image, and you will see the dimensions of the three sizes of vans available at CitiRental.

CitiRental | 0207 722 6666. One call Does it all.

The sort of uses our van rental hire service has for allot of people are

  1. Moving. You just don’t know how much stuff you have, do you? So, when you hire a van from CitiRental, you can make as many trips as necessary and even extend the length of hire if you need to – just give us a call if this happens. 0207 722 6666
  2. Collecting and delivering kids to and from Uni with all their bags, baggage, boxes of bed linen, and heavens knows what else. We have a customer who regularly rented six times a year to deliver and collect his daughter from Durham Uni because that university (probably like several others) rented out the rooms during the holidays, so the students had to clean their rooms or pay for storage. Renting a van, for this reason, was the best option.
  3. Going to the garden centre. Once you are there, you’ll be surprised how tempting it is to get “just one more tree, sapling, or shrub!!”
  4. Home building, decorations, or renovations. CitiRental is available to assist you in collecting all the bits and pieces you need to finish the job. Bank holidays are the prime-time people have to paint that spare room, so when you need a van over these peak times, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment forcing you to go to a competitor who charges more and doesn’t offer the sort of service CitiRental does like collecting or returning in the middle of the night if you wish.


Don’t go without. Go CitiRental

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