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Toyota: no-deal Brexit could halt UK production for ‘months

A no-deal Brexit could potentially stop production at Toyota’s plant near Derby for “months”, the manufacturer has warned.

The Japanese firm’s Burnaston factory currently makes the Auris and Avensis models, and produces around 150,000 cars per year – the bulk of which are exported to the European Union. Toyota has recently invested £250million in Burnaston ahead of production of the new Corolla starting there later this year. It is also hiring 400 staff, to join the 2500 who currently work there. Read More


Paris Motor Show 2018 – all the news and big new cars

Europe’s biggest carmakers are gearing up to hit the French capital with a glut of new metal this October at the 2018 Paris Motor Show
The 2018 Paris Motor Show is now just days away – this time next week we’ll be on the ground at the show getting up close and personal with this year’s influx of new cars. Read More


Rent a Car for £1.00!


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(5) All booking enquiries subject to availability.

(6) Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion from CitiRental or Practical Car & Van Hire.

(7) Offer is restricted to the cost of rental only & excludes additional services such as sat-nav, out of hours pick-up, CDW, child seats, etc.

(8) This promotion is available to your friends, families & colleagues who must follow this same booking procedure.

(9) Maximum 2 promotional rentals per driver until: 01/12/2018.

(10) PROMOTION EXPIRES (Last pick-up date): 1st December 2018.

(11) Reservation procedure: Place a booking via our website, https://citirental.co.uk and within the “Special Notes” section you must write: “Rent a Car for £1.00” – this will trigger the promotion.

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Tips for renting a luxury car

Road trips can be incredibly stressful. There are plenty of details that you need to plan on making your trip and if you are not flying or taking the bus or train, you will need a car for your journey. If you don’t own a car then car rental is your next, best option. While many people opt for a simple, efficient car, others prefer luxury vehicles that offer greater comfort, power, and style. If you are thinking of luxury car hire for your next road trip, here are a few tips to help you out: Read More


What to do if you experience problems with your rented car

Many people appreciate car rental because it offers a sense of relief that accompanies driving a car that is in good condition. Unfortunately, breakdowns are a part of life and even a seemingly well-repaired rental car can break down unexpectedly. In this article, I am going to give you detailed advice about what you should do if you rent a car and it happens to give you some problems. Read More


How has Brexit affected car rental in Europe?

By now I am sure that nearly everyone around the world has heard of Brexit. I am not going to delve into the politics of it but, it is worth noting that the automotive industry has been affected by the recent changes happening in the United Kingdom. In particular, car rental in Europe has shifted dramatically since the results of the Brexit vote were announced. I have decided to write this article to help readers better understand just how Brexit has affected the car hire market. Read More


Tips for packing luggage in your rental car

If you’ve decided to opt for car rental then you could use these tips

As we are deep into the winter time, now would be a perfect moment to consider what you will do once the blizzards fade. Summer is not too far away and chances are, you are one of the thousands planning their vacation. There’s a lot that you will have to plan out, from the destination to costs of accommodation, food, transport and so much more. One way to save money is to drive to your destination. It’s much cheaper to rent a car for a few days or weeks than to fly and then rent a car to get around. In many cases, extended car hire offers discounted prices than renting for a day or two. So, if you’ve decided to opt for car rental then you could use these tips to pack your luggage efficiently:

Read More


Public Transport across Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year

As Christmas approaches, London becomes busier with shoppers and party-goers. Between Saturday 23 December 2017 and Monday 1 January 2018, the vast majority of our services will be open. There will also be service changes because of Christmas operational hours, and essential planned work on some parts of the public transport and road networks. Read More


Expressive. Energizing. Agile. Beyond your expectations

The All-New Nissan Micra arrives to challenge small car standards in design, comfort and performance. With its daring design, sleek exterior, intelligent features and agile driving characteristics, the fifth generation Micra offers you a driving experience unlike any other. Read More


Crash For Cash Fraudsters Jailed For 5 Years

The director of a fraudulent insurance ‘crash-for-cash’ scheme was recently jailed for 5 years following a Metropolitan Police investigation.

So, how did the scam work? Firstly, a decoy vehicle was required to brake suddenly in traffic. Then, a second vehicle also employed by the fraudulent firm would then stop suddenly, causing the vehicle behind to crash into the second. The passengers in the second vehicle would then submit personal injury claims to insurance companies. It is estimated that the firm caused around 300 accidents.

Judge, HH J Barrie, said: “The idea that crash-for-cash frauds are victimless crimes has to be rebuffed immediately. The impact of this offending on the insurance industry is substantial and this, in turn, leads to routine increases in insurance premiums for the wider public.”

“The manner of the driving in the collisions is inherently dangerous involving the sudden slamming on of brakes in traffic – often at night and often in poor weather conditions. Unlike the fraudsters, the innocent occupants of the cars behind have no opportunity to prepare or brace themselves for the impact”.